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Cheer Resourses


Flexibility Training

right straddle 

left straddle

center straddle 

butterfly (shove feet out increasingly a few times)

pointed pike

flexed pike

bent shoulder

straight shoulder


straight leg bridge 

bent bridge 


one leg stretch 

standing stretch w nose to knee

split w back foot flexed

split w front leg bent

split w stretch forward 

split w bow stretch

split w arched back

(repeat from lunge on other leg)

over straddle

oversplit - front

oversplit - side

oversplit - back

(repeat on other side)

over overstraddle

bend front leg, bring up back and arch back to meet foot (haha idk what to call this either)

front kicks 10x each leg

side kicks 10x each leg

back kicks 5x straight each leg

back kicks 5x bent each leg

bow stretch w doorframe

front stretch w doorframe

door scorpion stretch


actual body positions:

heel stretch 

bow and arrow



(repeat in other side)



straddle circles 10x each leg

straddle circles 10x at same time

supermans 20x

front leg lifts at waist high surface 10x each leg

side leg lifts at waist high surface 10x each leg

back leg lifts at waist high surface 10x each leg

Image 9-14-21 at 12.14 PM.jpg
Image 9-14-21 at 1.24 PM.jpg
Image 9-14-21 at 1.24 PM 2.jpg
Image 9-14-21 at 1.26 PM.jpg
Image 9-14-21 at 1.27 PM.jpg


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